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Series: Fall Survival 101

Archery, shelter, fire, water purification, wild foods and more. 3 Meetings. For Adults.

  • 180 US dollars
  • Alfalfa Market Road Camp

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Service Description

•Register here for the full, 3-part Fall Survival Basics Series at a discount• To register for one or more of these single-day meetings, visit the Short Course Workshop page •This series is geared towards adults and ages 16+ •This is a 3-part series! Enrolling + attending all three of these meetings also makes you eligible to APPLY to enroll in the Advanced Survival Series in Spring 2025. Meeting 1: Traditional Archery, Projectiles + Games October 5, 10am-2pm •Instructors will introduce some traditional bow types, arrows, atlatls, and spears •Participants will learn the rules of the range, basic form for shooting and throwing, and some instinctual traditional archery methods •We'll all get plenty of time to shoot targets, throw atlatls, and play a friendly target shooting game •We'll top it off with a foam archery, Capture the Flag style game to practice our archery skills! Meeting 2: Traditional Firecraft + Wild Food Cooking November 2, 10am-3pm •Instructors will introduce the history and practice of traditional firecraft methods: mainly bow drill and a percussion method (ferrocerium or flint + steel) •Participants will practice bow drill and ferro rod firemaking and build a fire in a traditional way, making their own tiny fires and tending them. •Once we have our fires, we'll learn a few wild edibles you can find all over Central Oregon •We'll wrap up by cooking wild food-infused bannocks on your tiny fires, wild weed flour cornbread in a cast-iron, heat wild tea and more over hot coals and flame and enjoying the tastes of the high desert Meeting 3: Survival Shelters + Wild Water Purification November 10, 10am-3pm •Instructors will introduce the Survival "Rules of Three" of what to do when you realize you're in a wilderness survival situation •We'll go over what your shelter options are in the wild and what the best materials are in our area •We'll all build a debris bivy style shelter with materials from the land, translatable to many different landscapes •Instructors will cover the basics of finding water that is safe to drink in the wild. •We'll all build a water filter with wild and found materials and we'll demo rock boiling water with wild/found materials •We'll talk through the basics of other purification/water finding methods like bought filters, solar stills, and water witching See your email in the weeks before for location directions, waivers, what to bring and more info


Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: *Please understand that our programs are small groups and we invest a lot of our resources into outreach to fill them. When you sign up, you and the rest of those who are registered become the specific group of people to which our instructors tailor the program, including group size and specific needs. If you aren't sure you can attend your program, please wait to sign up until you know you are able! Please refrain from registering with the prior intent to switch enrollment to other courses, cancel later, etc. * Refunds are not typical. If you, the PARTICIPANT, CANCEL: We can offer credit for future programs if your space can be filled. If you contact us to cancel your spot, we'll reopen it and if it fills you'll then receive a coupon code for part of your tuition (minus processing fees, cancellation fee, etc.) to use in the future. You will not receive a credit or a refund if you miss part or all of your program, your space does not fill after you cancel, you no-call-no-show, etc. If you decide to gift/swap your space to a friend because you can no longer attend, great! Please communicate with us before the program so we can contact them with pertinent needs/info. "OOPS" Refund: If you registered by mistake, you may contact us via email WITHIN 24 HRS AFTER REGISTRATION AND AT LEAST 48 HRS BEFORE THE PROGRAM to request a refund. We will not honor "oops" refund requests outside of this timeframe. ​ If NIGHTHAWK CANCELS an entire program (not typical), due to extenuating circumstances: You'll be contacted ASAP and offered credit or refund, situation depending, if rescheduling isn't possible. We do not offer refund or credits if we have to call a late start, early pickup, or partial course cancellation due to air quality or weather. See below. ​ Inclement weather and Air Quality Policy: Know that we do our best to run programs as safely as possible given inclement weather. These calls are made on a day-by-day basis and your main contacts will be notified of any changes by 2 hours before the start of that day's programming. That is the absolute best we can do. Weather, especially air quality, is unpredictable. We reserve the right to shift the day's program location, operate indoors, or call late start or early pickup based on unsafe conditions. We very seldomly cancel a day of program and only do so if none of these other shifts are possible that day. See more details on policy page.

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