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Nighthawk Naturalist School's mission is to connect people to nature, place and past through immersive outdoor educational programs.

We strive to make education, wilderness skills, and nature connection accessible to the public through immersive, multi-age educational programming. We encourage community through education among our students and our staff. Connection to the natural world is at the core of everything we teach. We seek to provide a higher standard of nature education that provides holistic ecological literacy. We believe that learning and practicing hard wilderness skills with community provides an immersive experience that has the ability to inspire and transform people. Our experienced team is committed to environmental education, science, wilderness skills, and well-rounded knowledge of global human history.


We are an LLC partnership, Veteran and Woman-owned business. We formed in the fall of 2019, as a group of seasoned wilderness and ecological science educators and nature school administrators who seek to share their passion for this important set of knowledge and skills in a different way. ​

We started our project by offering small adult wilderness survival classes prior to the Historical 2020 COVID-19 shutdown. We relaunched programs for kids and adults beginning September 2020! Our programs are currently run on public land, under Special Use Permits, and sometimes on Private Land.


We believe that work in environmental ed, outdoor ed, and nature connection is best performed on a small business or small nonprofit scale. We also believe that this work should exist in partnership with other organizations, rather than in competition. The best way to make real change is by having a variety and multitude of small organizations in many places, in order to meet the world--in all its diversity of thought and interest--where it is at. In accordance with this, here are some friends and recommended education organizations in this field:


Education in Permaculture, Ethnobotany, Naturalist and Survival Skills. Learn more about them and their programs here.

Ferndale, WA


Elpel is a writer and naturalist whose works we highly recommend. Visit his web portal here.

Hollowtop Web Portal


Wilderness Survival Skills in NW Washington. Workshops and custom courses. Visit Ryan's Website Here

Bellingham, WA

The People's Apothecary

Herbal Products and Courses in Bend, Oregon.

Bend, OR

Donate Here

Help someone to be able to attend a Camp, a Homeschool session, or an Adult Immersion program.

We strive to make our programs affordable but the cost of living is already high and not everyone can.

Your donation helps us provide partial subsidies to Veterans, Tribe Members, and those who need it.

70% of your tuition goes right back into programs and the rest allows our instructors to live while running these programs.

Donations are not tax deductible.

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