September-June School Year

When? 2021-2022 School Year Options:

Homeschool: Supplementary program for those enrolled in alternative schooling Tuesdays 10am-1pm. See Enrollment section below for the current quarter's start date. Enrolls QUARTERLY.

Afterschool: Program for Wednesday afterschool, 2:30-5:00 PM. See Enrollment section below for the current quarter's start date. Enrolls QUARTERLY.

Where? Parks and Public Lands in Bend, Oregon

Who? Families in search of alternative learning supplements for the school year. We welcome kids to these programs whether you're homeschooling, unschooling, public schooling, charter schooling or otherwise.

This course is designed to be a small, multi-age group. 2021-2022 Homeschool will be ages 7-10. 2021-2022 Afterschool will be ages 8-12. These age groups have been crafted to meet the current community need we are hearing.

How much? $300-$390 per quarter, depending on the length of the quarter. See "Enrollment" Section below for details. Contact for subsidy options, or for prorated rates if enrolling late!


When we meet, we'll begin with a group game, group question, or community activity to start us off all on the same page for our time together. Options include Fox Tail Tag, Sneaking games, Sit spots, Nature Museum, or group nature mystery.

We'll then move into our topic or main activity for the day. All days will be immersive, interactive, hands-on, inquiry-based, and hold the goal of nature connection. Some daily topics are: stealth and natural camouflage, wildlife tracking and trailing, wild edibles and plant explorations, archery and atlatls, animal adaptations exploration, fire making, shelter building, birds and bird language, making potions and medicines with plants, fiber arts and plant dyes, carving/knife safety, and more!

We'll make a goal to close with a Story of the Day, where folks can share highlights or learned facts from the day.


Options for 2021-2022 School Year! Contact us at info@nighthawknaturalistschool.com with any inquiries, subsidy options, Veteran or Tribal member discount, and late-start enrollment.