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We are an LLC Partnership; Veteran and Woman-owned business. 

Founders and educators each have 10+ years teaching experience, 10+ years experience in ecology and ancestral skills, and 15+ years experience each in their specialty topics. Similarly experienced guest instructors are welcome to email with inquiries about teaching a workshop through us.

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Founder, Program Director, and Educator

Chelsea grew up on the barrier islands of Georgia, climbing Live Oak trees and searching for sand dollars. Through her studies in North Carolina and in Washington state, she earned her B.S. in Environmental Biology and her M.Ed in Environmental Education. She has worked in administration and has taught with many schools, from outdoor preschools to wilderness skills schools and camps to an Environmental Education graduate program. She teaches and appreciates wilderness education at all age levels. She has a love for the natural world and for ecology, especially plants, ethnobotany, and wildlife biology.

Chelsea has been teaching students age 3-adult since 2010. She has been studying plants and their properties, wildlife biology, and ecology across the country since 2008. She began practicing ancestral skills in 2013. She's been an archer since 2005. And she has trained and worked in business administration since 2014.


At Nighthawk, she is a Founder, Program Director, and teaches adult and youth programming.

You can contact her at


Founder, Operations Manager, and Educator

Tyler grew up on the island of Oahu where he began his connection to nature by exploring volcanic craters and hiking topical ridges. He spent many years in North Carolina while serving in the US Army. During this time, he had the opportunity to explore the world and practice and utilize survival skills. This skill set and experience led him to work as a mountain guide in the Pacific Northwest, leading teams up mountains such as Mount Rainier (Tacoma), Mount Hood (Wy'east), and Denali (Mount McKinley). Tyler has spent several years working at various wilderness skills and nature connection schools in the Northwestern US. He has a passion for primitive hunting, wildlife tracking, lithic arts, and caving. Through his teaching, he aims to inspire educators and future educators to a holistic understanding of survival throughout all of human history.

Tyler has been in leadership positions his whole adult life. He has practiced knapping for 20+ years. He has practiced survival skills and has been teaching wilderness skills since 2008.

At Nighthawk, Tyler is a Founder, Operations Manager, and teaches adult and youth programming.

You can contact him at

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