Age groups 7-9, 9-12, 12-14, and 13-15



What? Summer Camps will be 5-day, Day Camps and now offering one Teen Backpacking camp, focusing on naturalist skills, survival skills, nature connection through projects and play, and outdoor leadership. In 2022, we will also host a Teen Backpacking camp, where part of the week is an overnight trip! See each week's info described below or Click on the registration links on individual camp weeks to learn more about specific camps!

What makes Nighthawk Camps unique? Small groups. Education. Community. We are a small organization who places the utmost importance on an educational experience. Yes, there will be play, fun, games, and activities along the way, but lifelong learning is our priority. So, if kids are keen on learning skills and are passionate about learning more about their natural surroundings, this is the camp for them! In addition, as of 2021, we are a 3-teacher organization. This means that our camps will consist of only one or two small trail groups per week, with a 1:5 teacher: student ratio at all times. This is different from many Camps who run weeks with hundreds of kids, all split into 14-student trail groups. We believe small groups provide for an enhanced sense of awareness and community in kids. It also allows us to better tailor camps to the needs and interests of the students and families in attendance. 

Where? Parks and public lands in the greater Bend area. Camp locations include Tumalo State Park, Bureau of Land Management tracts off of Alfalfa Market Road, and two of our camps will be in Sunriver. Drop-off locations will vary on some camp days! We'll be at the same park or natural area many days of the week, with outing drop-off days one or two of those days. Some weeks, we'll go on an outing to a different spot on Wednesday or Friday (ex: Drop-off at Tumalo SP on M,T, W, Th, and Drop-off at Alfalfa Mkt Rd location on F). If interested in the Teen Backpacking Week, see its' description for location details.

When? M-F. Drop-off 8:45-9, Pickup 3-3:15.

All camps are 5-Day sets of Day Camp experiences, with the exception of the week of July 4th (4-day day camp) and Teen Backpacking Week (1overnight).

2022 Options:

  • June 20-24: Teen Backpacking and Surthrival (Ages 13-15) SE Bend and Transport to backpacking location (FULL! Contact for waitlist)

  • June 27-July 1: Archery and Projectiles (Ages 9-12) SE Bend (FULL! Contact for waitlist options)

  • July 5-8: Outdoor Leadership and Survival (Ages 12-14) SE Bend

  • July 11-15: Naturalist and Survival (Ages 9-12) SE Bend w/ outing day at Tumalo SP (FULL! Contact for waitlist options)

  • July 25-29: Girls' Nature Skills and Team Building (Ages 9-12) Sunriver w/ outing day in Bend 

  • August 1-5: Nature Connection Day Camp (Ages 7-9) SE Bend w/ Outing Days at Tumalo SP (FULL! Contact for waitlist options)

  • August 8-12: Forest Crafternoons! Nature Skills and Crafts (Ages 9-12) Sunriver (FULL! Contact for waitlist options)

  • August 16-19: Archery and Projectiles Camp (Ages 9-12) SE Bend


  • 7-9 year olds (Going into 2nd-4th grades)

  • 9-12 year olds (Going into 4th-6th grades), including a 9-12 y.o. Girls' Camp week

  • 12-14 year olds (Middle School)

  • 13-15 year olds (Middle and High School)

*Please follow age range suggestions for your camp week. We understand that grade ranges may vary for some individuals. We do not typically accept younger students into camp weeks unless they're experienced with our curriculum and have prior approval. Within one year older is allowed, as long as they understand the age range and that the camp will be geared mainly towards that age group. Please reach out to chelsea@nighthawknaturalistschool.com if needed for individual student needs and considerations.


Objectives and Goals of Camp Weeks organized by Date and Theme/Age Group

Teen Backpacking and Surthrival Week

13-15 year olds (Middle and High School)

June 20-24

SE Bend and Backcountry

This week will bring a small group of 13-15 year olds together in community to grow their survival skills, awareness of the world around them, and sense of place in nature and community. The first 3 days will be 9am-3pm at a location near town where we'll strengthen our team through games and challenges, as well as learn the ins and outs of backpacking, nature awareness, and backcountry safety. Thursday, we'll rendezvous in town and van the students out, with all their gear, to our backpacking location and do an overnight backpacking trip. We'll finish the week with celebrations and reflections as a group and wrap on Friday afternoon. Please see more details on this program in its registration link, including locations and a gear list(FULL! Contact for Waitlist options)

Archery and Projectiles Week

9-12 year olds (Going into 4th-6th grades)

June 27-July 1

SE Bend

Outdoor Leadership and Survival Week

12-14 year olds (Middle School)

July 5-8 (4 days)

SE Bend

This 12-14 y.o. camp will focus on practicing survival skills, in-depth naturalist knowledge, cultivating awareness in nature, team building exercises, and leadership in nature and among peers. Students will experience learning survival and leadership skills throughout the week. Each day, students face a new challenge: whether it's building a shelter to keep their team safe from the elements, making tools usable in a survival situation, learning edible plants and harvesting, filtering wild water, and more. Students will be appointed "Leaders of the Day" and will help their teammates complete these tasks, with each teammate being appointed a role each day. Days will also hold different team-building activities and games with a goal of learning our strengths as a team and how to better support one another. Friday will be a finale group adventure challenge. Objectives are building community and leadership skills through nature connection.

Students in this camp for 9-12 year olds will have the opportunity to hone their archery skills. We will use our collection of recurve and self bows to learn archery safety, form, etiquette, and precision on a traditional range and a walking range. We will get to know our bows and arrows. We'll also practice some intuitive archery and provide archery challenges on ranges. Depending on student interests, other potential projectile activities include foam archery games, spear and atlatl throwing, rabbit stick competitions and carving, quick bow making, crafting arrowheads from various materials, or making our own arrows, atlatls, or spears. We'll also play sensory nature games, tell stories, and have free outdoor exploration time. Availability in 4-day camp, August 16-19

Naturalist and Survival Camp Week

9-12 year olds (Going into 4th-6th grades)

July 11-15

SE Bend w/ outing day 

This 9-12 year old camp will be focused on learning through focused activities and adventures. We will have the chance to learn the "Rule of 3's" in a survival scenario and practice in a safe and supervised environment. Over the course of the week, we'll learn about shelters, water purification, animal and plant ID, fire safety, carving, archery and spears, making tools from stone and bone, and more! The outline of the week will be based off of the interests of the group and we'll choose survival topics accordingly, with the goal of getting more comfortable on the land, working with each other, listening to the land and crafting useful tools from its bounty. (FULL! Contact for waitlist options)

Girls' Nature Skills and Team Building Week

9-12 year old girls (Going into 4th-6th grades)

July 25-29

Sunriver w/ outing day

Our mentors will lead this small group of ladies through a week of skills circles, team building activities, and an exploration of finding their strength and peace in nature. On day 1, girls will get to know one another and the land through team-building games and a group navigation challenge. Monday, they'll also plan what activities and projects they'll practice this week, with choices including basket circles, navigation challenges, plant medicine making, felting, tracking adventures, weaving, edible plant explorations, hikes, team building days and more. We'll also spend time throughout the week planning our team celebration for Friday. Objectives for this week are empowering one another to express ourselves freely, learning our team's strengths and supporting one another, and finding comfort in connection to the land and building skills that help us relate to nature.

Nature Connection Day Camp Week

7-9 year olds (Going into 2nd-4th grades)

August 1-5

SE Bend w/ Outing Days at Tumalo SP

This 7-9 year old Camp will be focused on connection to nature through play and projects. Each day, we'll focus on a different skill, activity, hike, or adventure, based off of what students choose to focus on from day 1. Students will take home a completed craft by the end of the week and a ton of new knowledge gained through sensory activities and play. We will learn new skills together and get comfortable with our other-than-human neighbors throughout the week! Friday, we'll end the week with a group celebration. (FULL! Contact for waitlist options)

Forest Crafternoons!
Crafting and Nature Skills Week

9-12 year olds (Going into 4th-6th grades)

August 8-12


This camp for 9-12 year olds will be focused on learning naturalist and survival skills through focused activities, adventures, and crafts. Our goals will be getting more comfortable with the land, working with each other, listening to the land and making useful crafts from its bounty! We'll plan at least 3 different craft projects for the week, or one big week-long craft project, depending on students' interests! We'll also have a learning topic each day, based off students' interests. Topic options include: "Rule of 3's" in a survival scenario, shelters, water purification, animal and plant ID, fire safety, carving, archery and spears, making tools from stone and bone, plant potions and teas, baskets, and more! (FULL!)


Now Open! 

Please see options for all of our 2022 Summer Camp Weeks below. Note age ranges, dates, and topics. Click an option below to view curriculum details, locations, times and days, overnight trip details (if applicable), and more. Contact info@nighthawknaturalistschool.com for subsidy info. *Details on location, waivers, and what to bring will be sent to parents via email within a few weeks before your camp*