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Beginner Knapping Sets

Beginner Knapping Sets

This is a basic set of natural knapping tools and obsidian flakes. It is ideal for beginner knappers, adults and kids alike, wanting to make points or small shapes using the pressure flaking method. Each set has a good selection of obsidian flakes that are thin enough to make this set good for kids who are learning. 


Each kit includes (seen in above photo):

-12+ obsidian flakes of many varieties

-1 small, saw-cut obsidian slab

-2 leather hand pads (easliy cut/modifiable if needed)

-1 deer tine pressire flaker, point sharpened

-1 hammerstone/abrasion stone


*This kit contains small pieces not ideal for small children. Adult supervision requested for kid use, as flakes can be sharp. Eye protection may be helpful*




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