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September to May each Year

When? 2023-24 School Year. One Weekend per Month, September-May. 3 weekends will be Saturday & Sunday, 9am-4pm each day, 4 weekends will be Saturday only 9-4, and there will be 2 Saturday 9am- Sunday ~1pm overnight trips: one in October, one in May. See 2023-24's schedule below.
Where? Parks and Public Lands in Bend, Oregon. See our Locations page for more info.
Who? Teens age 13-15 interested camping, wildcrafting, community, nature games, wilderness survival, nature connection, and getting to know the land and ecosystem around them
How much? $985 for the whole year. See "Enrollment" Section below for details. Payment plan options: We can offer quarterly payment plans and monthly payment plans, or other. All payment plans must be fully paid by the last day of the course, regardless of missed classes.


This program meets one Weekend a month for a 9 month long journey. Together we explore a wide range of skills related to earth skills, wildcrafting, carving,  natural world education, and outdoor leadership. This course is perfect for students looking to gain in depth knowledge, build community, and get a hands-on opportunity at survival skills through play, adventure, and crafts. 

Throughout the year students will: 

  • Learn the rules of survival

  • Build shelters

  • Learn friction fire

  • Hear nature stories 

  • Expand sensory awareness 

  • Track animals and identify birds

  • ID edible and medicinal plants 

  • Take home wilderness crafts

  • Gain confidence, community, and belonging 

  • Cultivate knowing within our landscapes

  • Go on overnight camping excursions

See the monthly schedule below for more topics we will touch on! Students will have an opportunity to challenge their skills throughout the year and work together as a team to complete tasks.