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Salves+ Balms : Choose Your Own Herbs!

Salves+ Balms : Choose Your Own Herbs!

Topical salves and balms for skin relief.


Made from Central Oregon wildharvested or homegrown herbs.


Herbs are home-infused with olive oil and/or sunflower oil, then mixed with cosmetic-grade beeswax and Vitamin E oil for longer shelflife.


Choose your own herb(s) or herb combo(s) and container size(s)! Made in small, custom batches.


Always test herbs on small patches of skin first. Made for external use only. Ask a doctor before using any herb, especially if you are being treated for anything. Herbal contraindications exist and should be heeded.



0.5 oz metal tin, 2 oz metal tin, or 4 oz glass jar


Choose-Your-Own Herb or Herb Blend from the following:

(Info below for informational purposes only)


Yarrow: Great first aid salve for minor cuts, bug bites, burns, itchy skin, dry skin, minor rashes


St John's Wort: Great for achey joints, minor wounds, skin irritation, minor swelling. Not for open wounds.


Balm of Gilead: Cottonwood balm is nature's topical Asprin. Great for warming during winter, massage, or for minor arthritic pain, achey joints, sore muscles. 


Remedy Rub: Blend of Arnica extract, cottonwood bud extract and balsam fir essential oil


Ponderosa Pine Sap: Warming, draws out, good for soreness. Smells like heaven. 


Arnica: For minor bruising, swelling, edema, topical pain. Not for open wounds.


Comfrey: For skin cell growth, minor bruises as well as pulled muscles and ligaments, sprains, strains, and osteoarthritis. Not for open wounds.

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